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This is your private affiliate portal where you can track your referrals and earnings, edit your settings and create your unique affiliate links.

Plus access graphics and other content to make earning extra cash super easy.

You also have access to a private forum, just for affiliates. This is where you can ask me questions, post your success stories and hear news about launch dates and specials.

Just a quick reminder: ANY sales made after someone clicks ANY link you share will earn you $$. That said, it will help your sales if you drop people off at the right page so I recommend you create affiliate links for the specific product pages you are promoting.

See below for links to specific products.

Click each of the words to get URLs, see statistics, graphs and visits, and edit settings




Please Note: Affiliate applications are reviewed by Belinda Weaver (me) for acceptance, and you will typically receive an email from me within 48 hours from the time that you register. So sit tight!

I will review your site for the following things in order to accept you as an affiliate member:

  • Quality site design
  • Top-Level-Domain (i.e., (not required but recommended)
  • Website language (I only accept sites in English)
  • Prospective ability of your site to drive traffic
  • Disallowed sites include: Any illegal, porn, hate, etc... on your site, or on sites that you link to
  • Other misc. factors

Decisions made by Copywrite Matters about affiliate applications are final, but you are free to re-apply if you wish in the future, should your application not be accepted. Please provide as much detail as possible when applying so that I can review your application accurately.



Promotable products:

Confident Copywriting

  • What is this? A private coaching membership. 
  • Who is this course for? Aspiring and working copywriters looking to advance their copywriting skills *AND* grow their business.
  • When does it open? May 06, 2021
  • How much does it cost? $47 USD per month, $147 USD per month.
  • What is the commission? 30%

Download important links, dates, copy swipes and graphics here [document is a work in progress]


Copywriting Master Class course

  • What is this? 12-week copywriting course with weekly coaching and copy reviews by me
  • Who is this course for? Aspiring and working copywriters looking to nail the writing basics.
  • When does it open? July 2021
  • How much does it cost? $1107 USD, $1997 USD
  • What is the commission? 40%

Download important links, dates, copy swipes and graphics here


Want support?

Affiliates only forum for any questions and general chit chat


Want to Hit Turbo on Your Copywriting Business?

Want to Hit
on Your Copywriting Business?

Of course you do.

Find out your copy biz shortcut so you can focus on the actions that will accelerate your business growth.

You’ll learn what YOU should focus on right now (spoiler alert: it’s not all the things) and get a bunch of tips, advice and extra resources to help you take action.

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