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Introducing: Estelle Hakner

Estelle is a website copywriter for eco-conscious brands making positive change for people and the planet. She lives on the Isle of Jura in Scotland, and when she’s not writing copy, you’ll find her swimming in the sea, doing yoga or walking her rescue greyhound, Buster.

What led you to write copy as a career? 

My love of the ocean and nature originally led me to a career in journalism. I knew I wanted to use words to make change, and I thought that becoming an environmental journalist was the only way to do this. About a year in, a colleague asked me if I’d ever tried copywriting – and it just clicked. I loved the creativity and problem-solving it involved. It also felt more aligned with my introverted personality (no more pitching meetings or office phone calls!).

So, in 2017, I started my freelance copywriting business – generalising for about 3 years while I found my feet and built up some skills. Then, in 2020, I combined my copywriting expertise with my passion for the environment, where I focus on helping eco-conscious clients grow their businesses and their impact through strategic, thoughtful website copy.

Who do you work with?

I work with green-hearted businesses who are genuinely committed to making a positive difference to people and the planet. I help them spark more aligned sales and grow their impact through website copywriting, website copy audits and other copywriting services.

What’s your favourite part of the work you do?

My favourite part is the briefing session! This is a 1 ½ -hour session where we dive deep into the client’s business to tease out all the marketing gold. It’s incredibly inspiring to listen to a client talk passionately about their story and mission, and know I get to shape it into words.

Aside from client work, I love having fun with my business development ideas. For example, I offer a Beach Clean Bonus where I do a 1-hour beach clean for every new client I sign. And when someone refers work to me, I donate to a marine conservation charity as a thank you. I really enjoy coming up with these little extras that clients love and that do some good too.

What work are you most proud of?

Over the past 6 months, I’ve invested a lot of time into learning about green, sustainable marketing practices to make sure my business is walking the walk. What I didn’t anticipate is that this has given me tons of knowledge that I can pass on to my copywriting clients! As such, I’ve started stepping into more of a consultant role for some of my clients – helping them ensure they’re not greenwashing, advising them on more ethically conscious options if any areas feel too pushy, etc. I’m super proud of this environmentally aware marketing knowledge and I plan to integrate it into my copywriting services going forward.

What do you get out of being a member of Confident Copywriting?

Oh, SO much. Confident Copywriting has been my rock from the start of my freelance journey. As a naturally quiet person, I could easily have blended into the background in any other coaching group. But Belinda has a wonderful ability to gently nudge each and every member, while also giving us space to let everything come together in our own time.  

Also, working alone can be hard! It’s so easy to overthink things when you don’t have colleagues to talk to. I love being able to pop into Confident Copywriting and chat through a knotty problem or help another copywriter if they need it. And more recently, I’ve enjoyed joining the casual copy chat calls and getting to know copywriters in the group in person.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I’m lucky enough to live on the Isle of Jura, which is a wildly beautiful island off the west coast of Scotland. I love wild swimming and getting out in the ocean ­– it helps my wellbeing and keeps me connected with my purpose. I also love cosying up with a book, practicing yoga or doing some cooking. Basically, I’m all about the mindful, slow, quiet activities!

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