Confident Copywriter in the Spotlight

Kerstin Sheppard The Confident Copywriter in the Spotlight

Introducing: Kerstin Sheppard

Kerstin is a content strategist for ideas and big picture people and handles the details that aren’t in her clients’ DNA. She polishes their copy so it shines brighter, flows the way it should and targets their ideal customers by using a combination of editing and proofreading, strategy sessions, website updates and lead magnets.

She loves using her superpowers of an incredible eye for detail and the ability to visualise possibilities and solutions to complement the creativity of copywriters, coaches and other business owners. By taking care of the details they hate doing, Kerstin helps them look professional and attract the right audience.

When she’s not editing, Kerstin has her nose in a book, is up to her elbows in bread dough, or enjoys a hot chocolate while watching DVDs with her husband and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Murphy.

What led you to write copy as a career? 

Lemur Communications probably wouldn’t exist if my corporate copywriter and editor role hadn’t moved overseas, leaving me at a loss what to do next. For many years I’d dreamed of being self-employed, working from home, dog at my feet. Perhaps the time had come to try something new… One diploma and several courses later, including Belinda Weaver’s Copywriting Master Class, I was a business owner. We already had the dog.

I knew corporate. Running a business was something else entirely.

To gain experience, I worked with anyone from start-ups to national companies, across different industries. I discovered who my ideal clients were and what type of work I enjoyed. Or so I thought.

I still needed to shift my employee mindset, which meant more courses and ongoing mentoring. Not an easy journey but incredibly rewarding. Unexpectedly, it brought clarity about my natural strengths. I’m super detailed, and I can visualise possibilities and solutions. Now I focus on editing, proofreading, rewriting and strategy, all built on a strong foundation as a copywriter.

Who do you work with?

A client recently told me, “Your brain does all the things mine does not”.

That’s who I work with, people I complement. They are ideas and big picture people. They’re copywriters, coaches, course creators and business owners, with every size of business.

My clients’ strength is their creativity. Their abundant ideas result in amazing services and products. But being this creative can be exhausting. Having to deal with typos, clarity, flow, consistency is often a bridge too far. I take those details off their plate.

My ideal clients share my values of kindness, reliability, respect, honesty, excellence and generosity. Oh, and so far, all my clients have had dogs. That’s just serendipity.

What’s your favourite part of the work you do?

I love that I get to work in my zone of genius. It’s a privilege and a joy to use my natural strengths to make a difference to my clients’ businesses.

That lightbulb moment when a client realises their message now makes total sense to their customers? When their revised website sounds and feels ”like them”? When their ideas slot neatly into a workable strategy?

Those are my favourite moments.

What work are you most proud of?

I enjoy helping clients make their copy the best it can be – which often includes preventing embarrassment by inserting missing paragraphs and transitions or fixing misspelled names and numbers that don’t add up. These details can make clients look unprofessional – and lose them business.

This year I’m working with two of my mentors, editing blogs, course content and video scripts. Knowing that my work helps people I admire is priceless.

The variety of topics I get to edit makes my work fun, from pet blogs to recycling websites, from editing and creating a 30-page wedding planning lead magnet to auditing websites. A special highlight was editing and proofreading a friend’s memoir, which is now a published book.

What do you get out of being a member of Confident Copywriting?

Confident Copywriting is my copywriting safe haven.

It’s a caring community of equals, with different skills and levels of experience, who “get” each other and share knowledge generously. It’s where I find practical, real-world advice from people who are colleagues, not competitors. It’s a hustle-free zone where doing what we love and living our best lives matters as much as doing exceptional work.

Belinda is the heart and soul of this community. She’s generous, fun and kind. She encourages, guides and, yes, also nudges us when we need a push to take that next step. She’s our mentor, our coach and our biggest cheerleader.

I have the confidence to be authentic, do work I love and run my business my way because Belinda and the community have my back.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I’m happiest at home with my husband and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Murphy. I love spending entire days baking. Kneading dough for a crusty loaf or piping Swiss meringue buttercream on a cupcake? Bliss.

I watch DVDs. Wait… what? I know, so last century. I enjoy an eclectic mix of period dramas, disaster movies, fantasy, musicals. And Christmas movies. Hallmark and a mug of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream is my happy place.

I potter in our garden amongst our 40+ roses, photographing flowers and trying to prevent arguments between Murphy and the local bird population.

And I read. All the time and across most genres (just hold the scary and gory stuff). Which brings me back to editing and enhancing other people’s words. My business and my favourite hobby? Often they’re one and the same.

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