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Hey there, business owner. This page is for you.

When you're at the helm of your own business, you have to learn a lot of new skills. Copywriting is one of them.

While you might outsource some big copywriting projects, you want to be able to write the everyday copy for your business without it being a big deal.

Here are some resources to help you nail your copy (without stress, frustration and endless editing).

Smart Business Owner's Guide to Copywriting (Free)

Inside this guide, you’ll find the first steps you need to start writing compelling, profit-generating copy for your own business:

  • Why you can and should write your own marketing copy
  • What you already know that you can use in your copy
  • How to cut your writing time in half with a tried-and-true framework
  • A business owner’s copywriting checklist to use for every project
  • How to implement what you’ve learned like a BOSS

Download the guide and editable template

The Everyday Copy course

Take the next step with your copywriting with the Everyday Copy course for business owners and entrepreneurs. This course will show you how to write compelling and persuasive copy every single day starting with building blocks of copy: The Rule of One.

From there, you'll have MasterClass blueprints to put those building blocks together -- in sales pages, emails, brochures, flyers, about pages and more.

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Want to Hit Turbo on Your Copywriting Business?

Want to Hit
on Your Copywriting Business?

Of course you do.

Find out your copy biz shortcut so you can focus on the actions that will accelerate your business growth.

You’ll learn what YOU should focus on right now (spoiler alert: it’s not all the things) and get a bunch of tips, advice and extra resources to help you take action.

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