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About the Copywriting Master Class

Becky Brown copywriter“When I joined the Copywriting Master Class, I was a very new copywriting business owner and knew there was so much I didn’t know. I had a few books on the shelf and a load of confidence and enthusiasm, but I needed specific skills training. 

Belinda’s sense of humor and down-to-earth style were what hooked me in for sure. She was approachable and ready to share so much valuable information – I jumped in with both feet and I am so glad I did.

Yes, it was pricey for me at the time, but an important investment in the success of my business.

The monthly coaching calls and the easy access to Belinda and the others in my cohort have been worth the investment alone. So freaking awesome to be able to throw out a question and get so much valuable support.

Thanks, Belinda! You’re the best!”

Becky Brown, iWrite for Business

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Zoe Heard copywriter

“By far the most valuable part of the course has been the coaching and mentoring. 

What I thought I was buying was a copywriting technical skills course. What I got was all that PLUS incredibly valuable personal mentoring for my new copywriting career.

With Belinda’s mentoring (and knowledge-bombs from her Hot Copy Podcast), I was able to launch my copywriting business with solid project processes and the foundations of how to manage clients. This knowledge alone has probably saved me weeks or months of fumbling and frustration.

Don’t underestimate the value you’ll get from the personal coaching. The coaching element alone is worth far more than the cost students pay for the course.”

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Kylie Saunder copywriter

“I ‘fell into’ copywriting but after 8 years of writing and building a business, I needed some guidance and ‘structure’. Signing up to the course was a no-brainer with the payment plan option and lifetime access. 

I really like Belinda’s generosity and kindness in all aspects of course: coaching calls, forums, FB group. The content is world-class: how-to’s, templates and support = invaluable. Plus, every coaching call is worth the investment of the course alone…

Connecting with other copywriters at all stages of their journey, worldwide, has been amazing. Their support for my challenges and the knowledge that they’ve been able to improve their business while taking care of their life outside of copywriting has been fabulous.

Would I recommend this course? Yes!”

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Ami Williamson copywriter

“I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for sharp well-written words, but hadn’t considered writing them for a living til recently. The problem was I didn’t have the slightest clue about how to do it.

The Copywriting Master Class is jam packed with practical information that teaches you how to write copy. The community of copywriters is another benefit. It’s great to get feedback from multiple sources, see what everyone else has come up with and bounce ideas around. 

The best is having Belinda review the homework. That shit is GOLD!

Would I recommend the course? Hell yes! It’s a solid foundation in copywriting. Great for anyone who needs a starting point.”

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Melissa Ellis copywriter

“Before signing up, I’d only recently done another copywriting course. I was wondering if I really needed to do another course (It had given me a taste of copywriting but I strongly felt that I did need MORE), whether I needed a course as detailed as the Copywriting Master Class (I think I most definitely did!), and finally whether the course was going to be worth the price. After signing up it didn’t take me long to realise that it ticked all the boxes and then some. 

I wanted to get the best education possible and really set myself up well for my copywriting career. While the price was one of my initial concerns, my worry was totally unwarranted. This course is seriously good value for money! 

The amount of interaction with Belinda makes this course first-rate. She is generous with her time and the feedback on exercises is an awesome way to learn (practical, not just theoretical).

The quality of the content in the lessons is high with PDFs, videos, slides and exercises. The lessons are broken up into digestible chunks, which makes it all super easy to understand. And each lesson builds on the last. The forum is a bit of fun too!
I’m so glad I decided to take it.”

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Janis Miao-Bryce copywriter

“When I was looking for a copywriting course to take me to the next level, this is the one that stood out.

Belinda’s premium course is worth every penny. It’s pragmatic and practical. While it delves deep, it avoids unnecessary fluff and fillers, so knowledge and skills improve quickly.

The course materials are excellent, whatever your learning style. Very logical. Nice bite-size chunks. Readable and easy to follow, even for total newcomers. 

What’s made the biggest difference to my writing?
 Definitely Belinda’s feedback and guidance.  It’s priceless. She certainly goes above and beyond. There’s a real genuineness about Belinda, so it never feels transactional —and I believe that’s gold. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I was challenged (but not overwhelmed) and clarified so many things along the way. If you’re looking for a copywriting course take it from me, this is it. You won’t be disappointed.”

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Derek Etherton copywriter

As someone looking to switch careers and become a freelance copywriter (and having never written a line of copy before), [I found] the Copywriting Master Class was exactly the start I needed.

It’s the most hands-on copywriting course you’ll find. Every lesson is packed with exercises. You actually write copy, loads of copy, and you get a ton of feedback too.

You can feel your writing skills improving after every lesson.

Step by step, the lessons build into an extensive how-to manual for the whole copywriting process.
Everything is very well explained and easy to follow. [Lessons are] packed with practical tools and techniques, a real treasure chest of resources that helps you write great copy. I know I’ll be coming back to them again and again.

This course has been an excellent way to jump-start my journey to copywriting success. I’ve made more progress in the last few months on this course than with any other books or copywriting training I’ve tried. It’s been a great confidence boost and I can see a real improvement in my writing. I actually feel like a real copywriter now.
Thanks, Belinda – this has been the best investment I’ve made in my new career.

Derek Etherton, copywriter

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“Sometimes I get nervous enrolling in online courses, because unlike a university or accredited institution, you’re not sure of the quality you’re going to receive.  The Copywriting Master Class has been nothing but superb.  

Most of all I like that you can submit the exercises when it suits (even after the 16 week mark), so you don’t have to feel stressed every week; and the forum – so very helpful, and comforting to know you can get not only expert advice, but chat to people at the same level and share your experiences. I also like:
1. The bite-size chunks of lessons, written so clearly and interestingly;
2. The almost instant replies from Belinda for each and every post. It really is a personalised service.

I have loved every minute of it. It improved my copywriting immensely, from the get-go. It is a highly practical, flexible course and has given me tools that I will continue to refer to, for a long time to come. 

Would I recommend this copywriting course? Absolutely. For the reasons above, but also, Belinda’s course is so relevant and practical, and goes beyond just copywriting techniques. The topics on human psychology (although brief) were so informative. The flexibility of this course is amazing (i.e being able to submit exercises well after they’re received) and Belinda really knows her stuff! Thank you so much!”

Caroline Anketell

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“My job finds me in the midst of assuming the copywriter role while we gut/revamp the whole website. I have been so busy writing PDPs that my studies have taken a back seat. Though what I have learned has helped me tremendously! 

In particular creating the brand voice/personas for our target audience and the ‘so what’ of products. I will be using these new-found skills to train two temps that I will have writing with me. 

 I am really impressed, to be honest, with the content you provide. I have been searching high and low for something to teach me how to do this. After months of searching it was the first course I found that addressed what I felt I needed. I need a bit of the marketing strategy and the writing aspect. So many courses out there seem to be designed more for blogs but I am helping to create a strictly retail site. 

I am also extremely impressed that you reached out to me. That speaks volumes. And it confirmed that my purchase from you was indeed a wise one.”

Monica Napieralski

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“Last year I decided to take a big step towards my writing future and invest in a Copywriting course. I scoured the internet looking for a course, but I didn’t want just any course. I wanted one that covered all the nuts and bolts, and one with a presenter who was experienced, knowledgeable and dynamic. Not asking much, hey? 

Then I stumbled upon Belinda and her Master Class. After reading the course outline with Belinda’s enthusiasm shining through, I was immediately sold. The course was everything I wanted and more. 

Belinda covers everything you need to know. From the psychology of consumers’ minds and what motivates them to buy, through to SEO copywriting techniques as well as the actual client brief and writing processes. All of which are thoroughly covered in a concise way that is easy to understand and implement. 

 I have done quite a few writing courses in recent years but I can genuinely say Belinda’s is one of the best. If you are wanting to turn the corner of your copywriting career I can’t recommend Belinda and her Copywriting Master Class highly enough. You won’t regret it.”

Jodi Gibson

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On other copywriting course presentations:

“Practical, realistic and pragmatic – no fluff. Belinda was fantastic.

Rosemary McClean – Practical Online Copywriting course (via Australian Businesswomen’s Network)

“Very helpful and informative. Points were easy to understand and actionable.

Joanna Blair – Practical Online Copywriting course (via Australian Businesswomen’s Network)

“Belinda offered extremely useful advice and tips about online copywriting. Could really use all of the information provided to improve my copywriting. The best webinar by far that I’ve undertaken… primarily because it wasn’t just the presenter ‘lecturing’. Belinda provided practical tools you can apply to your copywriting.”

Jennifer Kay – Practical Online Copywriting course (via Australian Businesswomen’s Network)

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