A copywriter holds up "The Big Leap" book.

Hey there, you found me.

You’re here because you want to be a “more successful” copywriter. You want to write better copy and grow your business so you can earn more dollar bucks.


Let me just sidebar for a hot minute to talk about “success”, as it will help you decide if I’m the copy coach for you. We can talk about you hitting revenue goals and how to do that but I don’t subscribe to big industry income numbers (that burn you out on the way).

Used to be $10K months… Now it’s $20K months

Used to be a 6-figure business… Now it’s a 7-figure business

I mean, CMON!!

How can we ever “get ahead” when the bar is always moving?

I’m not saying earning a great income isn’t a worthy goal but there are many ways to measure your success, like your health, your relationships, your self-care and how much fun you have.

My style of coaching helps you fill each bucket.

In fact, my mission (ooh fancy… ready?)

… is to help you create a copywriting business you LOVE to work in.

One that earns as much money as you need while also delivering you quality time away from your desk.

That’s the point of all this.

Earn more so you can work less.

The best way to do that is to make sure your writing is always improving, your workflow is smooth, and your boundaries and mindset are strong.

Enter… a copy coach.

Who Am I?

My name is Belinda Weaver.

I help aspiring and working copywriters to supercharge their income, create financial stability and, most importantly, avoid career burnout.

I’m a mum, wife, dog owner, writer and recovering workaholic and I don’t have time for work I don’t love.

As a copy coach and mentor, my vibe is nurturing and supportive. You’ll get gentle-but-firm nudges to keep going (especially if I know growth is on the other side), and I’ll remind you that you’ve got this and I’ve got you.

A woman sitting on steps with a dog.

How I Work

(In a Nutshell)

I don’t subscribe to hustle culture. Work hard for a goal that has meaning to you.

I’m not here for FINE. Not in writing, business or life.

I will give you tools and support but it’s up to you to do the work.

I will push you to be better and have your back as you try.

I lift up rather than tear down.

My goal is to help you feel amazing about your work. And be amazing at it too.

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Fast Facts
'Bout Me

A hummingbird is flying in a circular frame with green leaves.

What's With the Hummingbirds?

Let me tell you about hummingbirds.

I’d never seen a hummingbird before we moved to California in 2013. In fact, I didn’t see one until our third year here. Like I had to finish my cultural integration before I was allowed a viewing.

I’ve since become a little obsessed and my friends and family have become accustomed to me shushing them if a hummingbird flies nearby.

They work hard and rest hard and often have a brilliant flash of colour up top. (ME!) Oh yeah, and they can fly backwards and upside down. UPSIDE DOWN!

In short, they are a goddamn delight.

Want to Hit Turbo on Your Copywriting Business?

Want to Hit
on Your Copywriting Business?

Of course you do.

Find out your copy biz shortcut so you can focus on the actions that will accelerate your business growth.

You’ll learn what YOU should focus on right now (spoiler alert: it’s not all the things) and get a bunch of tips, advice and extra resources to help you take action.

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