Wish you could sit down with an experienced copywriter and pick their brain?

Ask questions, get advice and bust through challenges holding you back...


(*Totally a word)

Maybe you have questions about becoming a freelance copywriter

Like, how to get clients and how much to charge.

Whether you need a sounding-board for your copy or advice about being a more successful copywriter, a 30-minute or 60-minute consultation can give you some much-needed clarity.

Copywriter, Brand Villacob

Branda Villacob
The Relevant Collective

“I signed up to talk with Belinda because lately, my business has felt overwhelming. I am booking out every month, but I’m not making the income I desire or that matches all of the hard work I am doing.

During our call, Belinda listened to my struggles and immediately began helping me make a game plan. I am a very action-oriented person, so I love that she was able to break down my next steps.

Honestly, I feel a weight has been lifted. Instead of spending my night worrying over how I’d ever dig myself out of this hole, I spent my night excited for the next phase of my business and feeling ready to take action.”

How do the sessions work?

I have years of experience as a successful copywriter that I’m happy to share with you, and I offer you honesty, kindness and advice you can apply beyond our session.

This is your opportunity to pick my brain about pretty much anything so you can use the time how you want.

  1. The first step is to choose your session length and then book it.
  2. You’ll be asked to enter your contact and payment details 
  3. Then, you’ll get an email with a link to schedule our time together.
  4. You’ll also get a link to a questionnaire that will help me prepare for our call.
  5. Your brain melts from the awesome advice you get. **

** Disclaimer: Brain won’t actually melt.

What can you expect from a session like this?

You can expect to have my complete attention for as long as your session lasts. You can also expect me to come prepared with notes and ideas. 

Maybe a different question is… what kind of copy coach am I?

Let me put it this way… There comes a point in every writer’s career where faith in their own capabilities begins to waiver.

Confidence is a skill that can be strengthened, and copywriting is something anyone can learn. With the right plans, anyone can succeed. That’s what I teach.

My coaching vibe is nurturing and supportive. 

I’ll give you the tools and the support but I won’t do the work for you. You’ll get gentle-but-firm nudges to keep going (especially if I know growth is on the other side) and I’ll remind you that you’ve got this.

My words are guidance, not criticism — and everything I say, both good and bad, is to inspire you to improve rather than cut you down.

Does that sound like the kind of copy coach you need?

A young woman wearing a hijab smiles in front of a christmas tree.

Eman Ismail

“I booked a 30 minute session with Belinda to help me go through my copywriting rates. 

I went in confused and overwhelmed, and I came out confident and ready to quote my new rates.

Belinda had obviously prepared well for our meeting and, as a result, she was able to give me actionable advice that I could implement immediately. (It was well worth the money).

The session was recorded, so I can go back at any point and listen to it again if I need to.

Overall, it was a great session, and I’d recommend any copywriter who needs guidance to get in touch with Belinda ASAP.”

30 Mins Session

$230 USD

60 mins session

$395 USD

A woman smiling in front of a book shelf.

Grace Fortune

“For several months now, I’ve felt like my offers were weighing me down (YEP, burnout!).

They didn’t excite me, they weren’t selling, and they weren’t creating the transformation that I aspire to give other copywriters who want to launch online courses and products.

Part of me wanted to burn everything down and start from scratch again.

In just 30 minutes, Belinda turned that around, and we came up with new offers that actually excite me and will inject some much-needed joy into my business again.”

“I booked a 1:1 session with Belinda to go over my niche, mission statement, and my “why” statement as I wanted to be sure that what I was putting on paper was in alignment with my brand vision.
Wow, the session was an eye-opener! Belinda was able to see the inconsistencies in my statements and pointed out the disconnects in a supportive and non-judgemental way which, as a new copywriter, I truly appreciated.
She even went above and beyond and gave me some ideas to consider as I’m developing my brand and graciously answered my questions even when we ran short on time.
Belinda offers so much value and insight, I highly recommend a 1:1 session with her!”
Ashley Smith, Copywriter

Ashley Smith

A woman in a red sweater standing in front of a window.

Laurence Oge

“I had an enlightening coaching session with Belinda about new lead generation.

Belinda asked all the questions she needed to analyze my situation, understand my challenge and advise me on the best course of action. She helped me see what were the most important items on that to-do list and gave me the oh-so-important reminder that it’s all about consistency.

She also gave me some advice on how to combat overwhelm, and I keep coming back to it whenever I feel the need.

Most importantly, Belinda is kind, empathetic, positive, encouraging, and so much fun too!

You get out of a coaching session with her with renewed energy, ideas, a sense of focus, and a smile on your face because you had a good laugh while talking seriously about your business!”

Copywriter, Natalie Gates

“I booked a 1:1 session with Belinda to review [the] sales copy I was writing for a client. I wanted to make sure my copy was as strong as possible, especially in terms of structure and guiding the reader through stages of awareness. I wanted someone super experienced to give me in-depth feedback so I could improve where needed and solidify what I was doing well.

The session was amazing and *exactly* what I needed to take my copy up many notches! I feel incredibly excited handing it over to my client and extra confident in the project–and in my ability as a whole.

Belinda’s feedback was detailed, direct, and crystal clear, while also being incredibly kind and fun. She really zeroed in on what I should improve in a way that will surely help me with plenty of future copy projects as well!!

Overall, it’s made me excited to keep writing. 🙂”

Natalie Gates

A woman in a blue sweater smiles for the camera.

“I’ve been copywriting for a long time, but had reached a crossroads in my business. I was feeling stuck and really needed some expert advice, so I booked a 30-minute 1:1 coaching session with Belinda. 

The session was amazing! 

We covered a LOT in 30-minutes – I’ve walked away with clear actions, inspiration and a recording of the session! Highly recommended if you need some business advice.”

Elizabeth Bond
Whirlybird Words

A woman sitting on a chair in a room.

Belinda was incredibly generous with her time, knowledge and suggestions, sharing her personal advice and asking pertinent questions to help me identify where and how it best related to my situation.

She picked MY brain to ensure I didn’t just have ideas, but formed those ideas into an action plan.

I now have the clarity and confidence to develop this business service, and know what pitfalls to look out for and avoid! The whole session felt like a caring, considered conversation with a good – and experienced – friend as well.

Thanks Belinda!”

Angela McCallum

A woman wearing a white t - shirt and jeans.

“I’d just landed my biggest client. I’d written all the copy. But I was second-guessing myself. I decided to book a 30min call with Belinda.

Admittedly, I questioned; how much value would I get out of a 30-minute call?….BUT she blew me away.

Belinda took the time to thoroughly go through my copy beforehand and during the call, she helped me identify what I needed to change AND why. Belinda gave me practical tips that I can now apply to all my future work.

I highly recommend Belinda’s coaching call to anyone who wants to build their confidence and perfect their copy before they submit it to the client.”

Nikita Morell

A woman holding a cell phone in front of a red and blue wall.

“Before my 30-minute chat, I was facing a challenge around how to optimize copy for my client’s email sequence. Now I have the skills to bring strategies back to optimize the sequence and navigate the client situation in an empowering way! Thanks, Belinda!”

Erica Stacey

A bearded man wearing glasses and a blue sweater.

“Had an incredible consulting call with Belinda. Not only was the information on point and exactly what I needed, but Belinda delivers it in such a way that it doesn’t feel stuffy and businessey.

It felt more like I was chatting with an old friend. Makes it much easier to talk about the sensitive areas of your business you might not be comfortable discussing.

12/10, would definitely recommend.”

Peter Boyle

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