Hand your copy over in a document that screams "this copywriter knows what they're doing!"

Get a sweet-ass copy deck template that works

A copy deck is a document containing your copywriting. It has all of the information your client (and probably their website developer too) needs in relation to the copy you’ve been hired to write.

It’s not complicated but a good copy deck will make your job as a copywriter a lot easier.

It makes it easy for clients to give you feedback.
It makes it easy to implement the copy.
It makes you look super-duper professional.

That’s a pretty hard-working document!

Want a profesh copy deck but you don’t really know how to create your own?

Why build your own template and spend the next few years refining it when you can get one with proven success?

My copy deck template pack includes:

  • Tone setting front page introduction and outline copy, already written
  • Highlighted fields that you should customise. Easy peasy.
  • Revisions instructions to give your clients some focus
  • The mechanics of the copy for implementation (that will have developers LOVE YOU)
  • The extra touches that make this not only a client-friendly document but one that wows them a little too (not that your copy will need extra wow but it never hurts, amIright?)

PLUS a video walk-through to explain each section.

And all for just $17 USD.

What's Included

Copy deck template with pages for online and offline copy

Detailed walk-through on how to customise the copy deck

What Smart Copywriters Say

"I received it! And it is awesome - exactly what I was looking for.
I sent the first draft to the client (my first!) and I'm excited to hear her response.
I definitely felt more confident sending the template.
It was also super user friendly. Thanks again!"
Crystal Shelton, 2021
"Copywriting is a new side gig I'm getting up to speed on. I have written prose and work in another profession altogether. I'm having a hard time finding templates out there to get an idea of what client-facing work should look like. Your template has been imperative to help bridge that divide."
Jarod Backens, 2021

Grab Your Copy Deck Template Now

Customisable copy deck template + Video walk-through

$ 17 USD
  • Copy introduction and goal summary page
  • Approach summary
  • Formatting notes
  • Revisions help for your client
  • Online w/ implementation HTML
  • Offline w/ implementation notes

IMPORTANT! All purchases are final. No refunds are available.

With this purchase, you’re also giving me a pinky promise not to sell this template or a slightly adjusted version of the template.

There's something you should know first.

It’s important.

The template you’ll get is just that… a template. It’s not branded. There are no graphics or whizzy images. There isn’t heaps of distinctive personality to it.

Why am I telling you this? Because I don’t want you to get underwhelmed when you open it.

A good template is kinda vanilla. It’s a framework for you to add your branding and your personality. I’ve given you a lot of words you can use but I really encourage you to make it your own and use it to wow your clients.

But you know what else? A copy deck shouldn’t be a three-ringed circus of graphics.

Let your copy do the talking.

Now, are you ready?

Yes? Let’s do this!

The next step is to enter your details and then select your payment method. Straight after the payment has been processed by the monkeys on the internet, you’ll see a page with links to your copy deck!

More Reviews from Smart Copywriters

"I just wanted to say thank you for making your copy deck template available for purchase and download (which I did last night). The video is also great support. All incredibly clear and helpful, and something you don't come across very easily out in there in the internet schmutter.

It's really helped me to organise and present my copy quickly and professionally during my first big contracts, so thank you."
Scott Sheppard, 2021
"I'm doing some seo copywriting for a few clients' websites, and your template saved me so much time! I was actually able to smash out my first draft yesterday (instead of spending those hours formatting), and I have to say, it's looking pretty profesh. "
Audrey Paige, 2019
"I ordered the copy deck template, and I love it, I can't wait to start using it and look more professional."
Gillian Hill, 2019
"I just bought your Copy Deck Template. Thanks for the amazing resource. Love the video walk through."
Marina Roussel, 2021
"The template is amazing! It's built in a flexible way so, I was able to cater it to my clients' needs in a way that was reflective of my personality.

The layout is super professional and really took the anxiety out of formatting and hoping I didn't miss anything. Thanks for writing it. Two thumbs up!"
Regina Strong, 2020

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