Stop leaving money on table when you quote on copywriting projects.

Grab a quote calculator that not only makes quoting FAST and EASY, it adds thousands of $$ to your income.

PLUS swag of epic tools and bonuses including a quoting system that will help you up your rates, immediately.
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When you became a copywriter, did you think pricing your services would become so… problematic?

Many copywriters swing between chronically under-charging to pricing themselves out of work. And it’s all because there is little rhyme, reason or process behind their pricing.

What are your skills worth? What is fair? What is everyone else charging?

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Money talk can be sensitive to raise and torture to discuss but discuss we must!

When you switch from a quoting process that involves choosing numbers that “feel reasonable” to a systemic framework, you’ll never doubt your skills. Or your quote.


Copy Quotes Made Easy

Learn how to price copywriting projects, regardless of your experience.

What's included?

The star of this bundle is an easy-to-use copy quote calculator that gives you a project total in seconds. 

This alone is worth hundreds of dollars. No jokes.

But you also get a workshop that covers:

➡️ The top 3 challenges copywriters face when quoting

➡️ Different ways to quote on copywriting (and the ONE way I recommend)

➡️ How to figure out your minimum hourly rate

➡️ Why “charging your worth” is bad advice

➡️ Essential inclusions in every single copy quote

Then, I’ll cover what to do instead so you can:

✅ Stop plucking copy pricing out of the air

✅ Avoid under-charging on projects

✅ Quote on any project (whether you’ve done it before or not)


Rather than telling you you’re not charging enough, this workshop will give you a pricing FRAMEWORK to give you the tools to feel great about your pricing, whether you’re a beginner or you’re further down the track.

PLUS, you get the quote calculator you can use for every project.

This tool has added thousands of dollars to copywriters’ monthly income. No jokes.

Did someone say BONUSES?
Yah-huh, I did!

You not only get:

✅ The Copy Quote Calculator

✅ The Copy Quotes workshop 

✅ Searchable Q&A library

You get these legit-good bonuses

🔥 BONUS #1

The Pricing Platform workbook with the essential start to pricing you can (literally) live with.

🔥 BONUS #2

A 3-way calculator to figure out your hours, your rate and earning potential.

🔥 BONUS #3

International rate cheat sheet with rate by experience in the US, AUS and UK.

"I have about 5 notebooks of notes and ready to take the next step. In my notebooks I have reports that give common ranges for various projects. Your resources are the most structured and tailor-able to what I can actually calculate instead of randomly picking a number in a range that I 'hope' a client will accept.

Your resources made me think of all the things that should be considered when delivering a quote. It's more than just the writing of a piece that will take a certain # of hours. It also includes the time spent researching and organizing.

Your resources put all of this together with a super simple plug-and-play spreadsheet. I feel so confident now in making sure I take on projects that are worth my time and also can narrow down the 'ranges' that are out there.

I don't have to spend a lot of time picking a quote that 'feels' right. This structured and strategic calculator has allowed me to know exactly where I need to be to take on projects worth my time. I can spend that time actually working on projects and what drives my business forward!"
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Ashley Nunes

Want a sneak peek at the calculators?

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"I think it was very helpful - and you over delivered. You go beyond the 'high level' here's what you need to know and dive into the details - it makes my brain happy.

I feel the immediate need to up my prices! I knew most of this information in theory, but having the tangible numbers in front of you - that I can change and rearrange to suit my own needs, just drove the message home in a way I haven't heard before.

I'm now factoring more of the moving parts (project admin, meetings, etc) into the final deliverables. And the renewed focus on tracking how much you actually make hourly per project has me being more intentional in how I approach completing the project tasks.

I've shifted from feeling like I'm at the whims of my clients and have me finally feeling in control of my business and income."
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Sara Fraser
"I signed up because I have been massively undercharging and working way too many hours for too little money. I previously plucked numbers out of thin air based on what I thought the client could pay (?! how would I know that!)
Now I feel VERY confident. I honestly feel I could approach any client and produce a systems based 'no fat' quote that reflects the value I offer. I can finally get off the mouse wheel of low-paid work and choose the right projects with clients that appreciate the value my work will bring - thanks to the many Q&A scenarios. [It was] Really useful to learn how you address clients' concerns/push back on pricing, and effective ways of managing clients and their expectations throughout the project process.

I have definitely fast-tracked ahead in my copywriting business set up, avoiding several head-banging months (possibly years - or never!) trying to figure it all out myself. This is by far one of the best and most useful workshops I've ever attended :-)"
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Suzie Tombs
"That workshop was amazing! Thank you for the Copy Quotes tool. I used the worksheet and the quote tool immediately to prepare a proposal for a new client, and doubled the amount of the proposal! I only needed to raise my rates about $15/hour, but you helped me see parts of the project that I was overlooking.
What a difference! Thank you!"
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Kay Helm
"The Quote calculator has saved my bacon (increased my bacon🤔?) so many times and made me get real about the time and value we offer - especially the newly updated version - it is impressively useful with the level of detail and post-project review components!"
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Rananda Rich
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Copy Quotes Made Easy

Live experience workshop


One-time Price

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Live experience workshop

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All payments are in USD (US dollars). 

Hi, I'm Belinda Weaver.

I help aspiring and working copywriters supercharge their incomecreate financial stability, and avoid career burnout. I believe the whole point of being your own boss isn’t to create a job that is worse than the one you left. It’s to create a business that lets you enjoy the freedom, career fulfilment and control of your time. A business that never leaves you ready to quit your dream.

And that begins with your rates.

My group coaching and resources have helped members achieve results like:

  • a 372% boost in monthly invoiced billings, 
  • a 4x jump in monthly revenue 
  • and a 66% day rate increase 

Pretty cool numbers, right?

I want to help YOU set a strong foundation in the way you price your copywriting services.

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A black and white drawing of a hummingbird perched on a branch.
A black and white drawing of a hummingbird perched on a branch.


What Others Have Said

"The workshop was great, really well organized with funny yet helpful slides. You covered a lot of important subjects and it was so spot on everything you said about the mistakes we make. My biggest takeaway, is the fact that you said our pricing should be based on numbers (logic), but that you can also add more based on if the project is highly valuable to the client. Also the PITA fees, I would have never thought about dealing with a PITA client that way. Also the great advice about putting a deadline on proposal and quotes."
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Hawa Camara
"Amazing! It makes it so simple and clear on how to quote different projects. I loved the hourly work to figure out my rate (which I'm under where I should be!). But the quote calculator is "chef's kiss.""
Copywriter, Candice Cassidy
Candice Cassidy
"Thanks for the workshop - It was very beneficial, partly what I expected, and then some more. I like that you explain your process and follow up with clients continually in a friendly way throughout. This is really good practice.
The breakdown of the costing model was useful [...] to properly and accurately break down costings to cover everything involved, and instead of plucking a number from thin air."
A woman in a blue blazer smiling.
Deborah Cross
"A truly eye-opening experience, one that made me realize I am grossly undercharging my time.
Copy Quotes Made Easy not only gave me a detailed map of the quoting process but also showed ways to significantly reduce my admin time and be more efficient."
Angelo Foustoukos copywriter
Angelo Foustoukos
"I [used to] just quoted randomly for all my copywriting projects even though I have 2 years of experience working on different copy assets across multiple industries. Still, I didn't feel confident raising my prices and I often reduced my prices just to make it appealing to the client (or I thought it would).

It wasn't just good. It was awesome and I'm sure my pricing game is gonna transform forever!

Now, I know how to go about quoting every time I get a lead. I know where to start and where to end. I love the confidence boost I get just after learning the process. I can only imagine how awesome it's gonna be to finally send out numbers that I'm confident about. I can't wait to send out the next proposal!"
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Madhumitha Kavin

Are you ready to say goodbye to cheapass copy quotes?

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