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“I approached Copywrite Matters to help us boost the conversion from our ABN membership pages. We were getting a lot of traffic but not much traction and I knew we needed to talk about the benefits of becoming an ABN member in a more engaging way.

Having got to know Belinda as an ABN member I was confident she would be able to help. The resulting copy was clean, clear and focused on our key benefits.

Since then we notice that new members are better informed on the benefits of membership and are able to start using those benefits immediately.”

Suzi Dafnis, Director of the Australian Businesswomen’s Network.


“Belinda was referred to me personally as someone I had to have involved with my business. The copy gave a fresh feel to the words that we use to describe what we do in our business and for our clients. When I read the first draft I was so thrilled with the way Belinda put what we do into non-industry related jargon. She just got it and phrased it in a way that others would get it too. She made what we do sound really cool…and frankly, there are very few cool accountants out there! I found the whole experience fantastic and reinvigorating.”

Shane McKenna, Aintree Group

“The copywriting fits perfectly well with our branding which is fun and engaging to our customers. It was very simple and straightforward writing and easy to understand. Awesome use of SEO words too. Belinda was fast to respond, very professional and open to ideas & patient for revisions and any changes. I got exactly what I wanted.”

Sally, Cushion ID

“Belinda rewrote my ‘About’ page. I felt it was ready for an overhaul. Not really knowing what was still relevant after being in business for nearly 7 years, it needed fresh eyes from a marketing perspective to highlight what needed to be highlighted and in a far less stiff manner – as my own writing style tends to deliver! She was also able to ensure it was written to assist with SEO. 

I like the way she undertook an extremely thorough briefing process to totally understand how the business came about, where it’s heading and our business values. This is now all reflected in the copywriting for the About page. The whole experience was easy – as expected and definitely a valuable investment in my website.”

Kirsty Wilson, Interim Business Solutions

“Belinda was referred to us by my website designer. I had reservations at first, justifying the cost etc, but so glad I did. The copy totally blew me away with awesomeness. It sounds natural and flows well, and it gets the message across. I found the whole experience to be easy, professional and enjoyable, and I can’t wait to see the new copy on my new website. I think it’s going to be awesome and hopefully improve our conversion rate.”

Natalie Clays, Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking

“I scoured the web searching for a copywriter that was a good fit for the tone of our company. After reading Belinda’s blog for a long while, I realized I found the right copywriter for our new brochure. I found Belinda to be interesting, friendly and engaging and the copy blew me away with awesomeness.”

Todd Wharton, Buy Fire Alarm Parts.

“I hired Belinda to write the LTC website and I found her to be attentive, professional and AWEsome. I needed someone who could turn my “brain-dump weirdness” into something that made sense – to me – but more importantly to the people I want to attract to my business!

I particularly like that the copy still totally sounds like me. Genuine and real. And it doesn’t make me sound like I have a massive ego or think of myself as a guru sitting on top of the mountain waiting for the world to fall at my feet. I like the way Belinda killed the jargon. Sure, the content covers technical concepts, but it leaves the big 10 dollar words out of the conversation and keeps things simple.

I’m jealous of Belinda’s way with words and the fabulous systems she has in place to guide the project along. I’d definitely recommend her.”

Fiona Fell, Leads To Clients.

“I hired Belinda at Copywrite Matters to write autoresponders for the business sales process. I have used Copywrite Matters in the past and have always been so happy with Belinda’s ability to understand our needs and deliver exactly what we want. One thing I really like about the copywriting is the ideas and suggestions that Belinda makes, that you would never have thought about on your own! She delivers consistently and I always find the process is so easy.”

Joanna Anderson, B Anderson Roofing Pty Ltd.

“I hired Belinda at Copywrite Matters to write our web copy. Belinda took the time to really understand what we are trying to do, who we are and what we have to offer – and the copy matched the brief really well. The initial questionnaire took considerable effort, but it helped focus us. If I had to describe Belinda in three words I would use thorough, concise and friendly.”

Peter Saad, Aus Home Mortgage Solutions.

“I had been following Belinda’s work for a while through her blog posts and newsletters and I liked her stuff. She knows everything there is to know about good copy and I trusted her with my landing page. The copywriting is spot on in regards to the message I want to convey to my clients and I found the whole experience easy and satisfying.”

Dorothy Krajewski, Dorothy K

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