10 signs you’re (more than) ready to join a mastermind for copywriters

10 signs you're ready to join a mastermind for copywriters.

I went to Nashville last week. Am I opening the door to my previously closeted love of country? Not today, friend. While I love me some Dolly, I’m more of a Hilltop Hoods kinda girl.

I was there for a business mastermind event, and it was ah-maz-ing. Two days of ideas, tips and strategies. And dancing. I’ve known many of the business owners since I joined the mastermind in 2019, so it was a reunion of friends. Really. Smart. Business. Friends. 

In 2019, the idea of joining a mastermind group gave me vertigo, but it was actually less about the money and more about showing up in a much bigger room.

I mean, surely I had to have a hit list of wins a mile along in order to earn my place at the mastermind table. Right? 

I’ve since learned that you don’t need to be ready before you join a mastermind group. The right mastermind makes you ready for everything that comes after. The right mastermind will also lift you up and carry you forward. 

But that pesky belief that you’re not ready might be holding you back. 

So here are 10 signs you might be (more than) ready to join a mastermind for copywriters.

  1. You’ve hit a wall. If you’ve been asking yourself, “Is this it?” when looking at your copywriting business, it may be time for a shift in thinking. Mastermind groups can offer fresh perspectives and actionable advice to break through that wall.
  1. You need clarity. When you’re lost, stuck and uncertain about what’s next, a copywriting mastermind can help provide the clarity and direction you’re craving.
  1. Your inner critic is LOUD. If your inner critic is getting mean or showing up with unhelpful suggestions, like abandoning your career to become a beekeeper, it’s a sign that you’re not content with where you are.
  1. You feel overwhelmed. If it feels like you’re being buffeted by strong winds without a tether, it’s time to seek an environment where you can ground yourself and focus.
  1. You’re chasing more than money. While money-making strategies are good, maybe you’re also looking for something beyond that. Perhaps you’re after the lifestyle, freedom and opportunities the money will make possible.
  1. You’re looking for a CEO mindset. If you’re committed to transitioning from merely running a business to being the CEO your business needs, a mastermind can offer the necessary tools and mentality shift.
  1. You’re spinning your wheels, going nowhere fast. Your business may look successful from the outside, but you’re walking around in a zombie state due to lack of balance. If your to-do list feels like organised chaos, a mastermind group can help you regain control.
  1. It’s time for a lifestyle change. Whether it’s becoming location-independent, having the time to write a book, or stepping back to enjoy life, if your current business model isn’t facilitating these lifestyle goals, it’s time to join a mastermind.
  1. Your peer support is non-existent. If you’re missing a community of ambitious, like-minded copywriters who can offer advice, resources and accountability, a mastermind can fill that gap.
  1. You’re ready for a Catalyst moment. When you’re poised for change and ready to unlock the potential you know is there, a mastermind group could be the catalyst that sparks your transformation.

Joining a mastermind at the right time can be a game-changing decision for your business (and your life). The moment you changed your trajectory. It’s about more than just scaling; it’s about aligning your business with your greater life vision. 

At least, that’s what my mastermind for copywriters is about.

If you’re ready for your catalyst moment, I’m collating the next group of The CEO Catalyst. A 6-month mastermind for copywriters who are committed to stepping into a bigger space and better life.

Your first step: Apply. I guarantee just applying will start changing the way you think.

Then, we’ll have a low-key chat to see if it’s the right next step for you. 

And it will have nothing to do with your success board to date. 

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