Charge more this year: 11 ways to level up for premium clients

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It’s Friday. The weekend forecast is for sunshine, and I’m reflecting on my launch of The Copywriting Inkubator (my 12-week program for new copywriters). 

I’m proud to share that it was my best program launch. 

I’m usually not one to publish big flashy launch results (and compared with many big course creators my “best ever” isn’t jaw-dropping), but I wanted to share it with you for a few reasons. 

I tried something new for this launch, opening the doors just before Christmas so copywriters could enjoy an extra month with the content and an extra-long payment plan.

While I knew the longer payment plan would be appealing, I honestly didn’t expect too many copywriters to say yes to that offer.

Shelling out just before Christmas?

With endless warnings about the looming recession? 

Well, guess what?

17 copywriters said yes. In December.

That’s 70% of my projected signups and 51% of the total signups.

I. Was. Amazed.

This confirms that while many people are tightening their fiscal belts, clients are still investing.

Which means they will invest in you too.

I feel similarly inspired when I see copywriters selling GREAT BIG PACKAGES. While you might look at those prices and think, “OMG that’s so much money”, you should also think, “If they can charge that, so can I.”

And you can. Because those copywriters are proving there is a market for premium offers. A market that’s available to you, %FIRSTNAME%. 

So, despite the concerns that pop up as you drift off to sleep, clients are still buying. And you can absolutely charge more. 

If charging more feels like a big move, I have some tips for you.

Do this now: Increase your rates a little every 3 months OR when you’re booked solid. Put a reminder in your calendar and just do it. Even if it’s $5 per hour.

Map this out (Stage 1): Elevate your service into a higher price bracket. 

The first step is to deliver a premium service experience that clients will pay more for. 

bumpy service delivery process is stressful and I can confirm that I (and others) will absolutely pay more to avoid that stress.

  • Craft a killer onboarding experience that sets expectations and answers all their questions, even the ones they didn’t think of.
  • Show up and deliver. That means doing what you say you will when you say you will.
  • Keep your clients in the loop. Never underestimate the importance of regular communication that reminds them what has happened, what is happening and what’s coming up.
  • Collect data. Premium services are often more results-focused so start collecting data from your client (before and after the copy).
  • Remember your client. Everyone feels like a VIP when you remember small details about them, like their cat’s name. Need a CRM to keep track? Get one. Many are free.
  • Embrace gift-giving. It doesn’t have to be expensive but thoughtfulness is top-tier.

Map this out (Stage 2): Attract clients who will pay more. 

That means marketing your elevated service experience. 

  • Talk about your process and how each step helps you deliver exceptional results for your clients.
  • Share client testimonials that share aspects of their service experience.
  • Share client results. That might be keeping in touch with them, tracking more data or just stalking them to see when the copy goes live.
  • Encourage clients to tag you in the gift opening so other people see the good times that await them.
  • Ask for referrals. Great clients know more great clients! 

Always be marketing! While many premium clients won’t actively engage with social media, they will check out your digital footprint. You will also attract prospects who will put you on their wish list.

I have a wish list of people I want to work with. Do you?​​ Of course you do! 

I’ve been applying these tips for some time.

This Inkubator launch wasn’t a freak result for me. A pleasing one, yes. But all the people who bought my program before Christmas already knew they were going to invest. They were just waiting for the opportunity. 

​​And that’s down to consistent marketing and nurturing.

But service elevation isn’t only logistics.

A big part of this process is thinking like a high-end brand and believing there are clients who regularly invest big. When you keep saying yes to clients who don’t have the budget for your service, you lose time and energy to work with the clients who do. 

The first step is to raise your rates right now. Build those muscles. Then, start building the runway to higher-paying clients.

They do exist!

I’d love to know what you’re going to do after reading this. Hit reply with one action you’ll take 🙂

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