My Christmas gift to my business, with love

A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop and a cup of coffee.

It’s getting to the end of the year and the sound of Christmas jingles is drawing ever closer.

As business owners, our brains are starting to feel stretched. We’ve been working non-stop and all our efforts are starting to take their toll. But never fear – we have Christmas to look forward to! A time when everyone swaps the stress of running a business for the stress of hanging out with their extended family.

Ho Ho Ho!

This year I am going to giving Copywrite Matters its very own Christmas present.

I am planning on taking three weeks off over Christmas: Monday 19th December right through Friday 3rd January. It sounds like a lot of time I know, but I actually have quite a lot planned.

Visiting exotic beaches? No. Major household renovations? No.

I am going to focus on my business – Copywrite Matters. I love having a constant stream of clients who want personality packed copywriting for their marketing but it can mean my own marketing becomes the neglected 3rd child.

Over Christmas, when a lot of people are slowing down, I’m wrapping up a big basket of branding basics for Copywrite Matters.

In my Christmas Hamper of Awesome, there are plans to:

  • Revisit my ideal client and build up a target market profile
  • Reassess my value proposition and how I help my clients achieve their goals
  • Refresh my brand personality to b bolder and more unique
  • Re-jig how I package my services now that I know the most popular services
  • Revise my pricing structure so that it reflects how long I spend on projects

It will be the 100,000 km service for my business marketing.

I’m going to rewrite the Copywrite Matters website copy so that it reflects my new brand personality, my new service categories and my strengthened value proposition. Then I’m going to set to work creating valuable marketing content like blogs and an ebook that closely aligns with everything I’ve unpacked in my hamper.

And in the middle of it all I’m going to have a week off everything when I do nothing except eat ham and enjoy Christmas. After all, refreshing my brain and body is just as important as creating strong marketing.

Are you giving your business some love over Christmas or is your gift a recharged brain? Inspire me with your goals or make me jealous with your planned relaxation!

Belinda (AKA The Copy Detective)

8 Responses

  1. Awesome! Every business needs constant tweaking or even overhauling from time to time. Only those who care little for their business don’t bother. I know how much you care about yours, Belinda and I can’t wait to see the results! 🙂

    1. Thanks Gina – for your comment and your kind words. I know you’ve done something similar for The Wordmistress with your new site and imagery. It’s great to snazzy things up! 

  2. A great idea! These types of ‘sabbaticals’ can be highly motivating and set you on the right foot for a bold new year. We’ll be doing likewise. Good luck with your planning, Belinda! 
    Karen and the o2 Media team 

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