Confessions of a Course Junkie 🙊

A buttery collection with the words "stop being a digital course collector"

I love taking courses.

I love learning more about my craft, about marketing and about running my business. I love masterminds and memberships too, and I’m a member of a few. 

Some people say that spending money on programs and groups is a luxury you should do without, but I disagree. The opportunity to do (tax-deductible) personal development is one of my favourite parts of being a business owner.

But it’s easy to become a course junkie. Hoarding low-ticket mini-courses or massive resource bundles. Signing up for another signature program before you’ve completed (or dare I say even opened) the last one you bought.

We stay in the learning cycle because it’s super safe. Ain’t no failure if we never actually implement! 

There comes a time when you have to say no to yourself.

How to know when to say no.

Here’s how I check in with myself before I sign up for a new program or group. This is also how I audit the programs and groups I stay in each year.

Am I only really buying it because it’s a good deal?

I love a good deal, but I like to check myself on this one.

Am I < 70% through my last program investment?

I have this rule to incentivise going through the programs I buy.

Am I interested “just in case I learn one new thing”?

I look for programs that fill a specific skills gap or need.

Is there limited time access or expiry on access?

Nope. Anything but lifetime access feels stingy to me.

Am I already pressed for time?

I try to make sure I have (or can make) time to consume the content and attend calls 

Do the outcomes of the program feel OTT? 🤔

I love a good transformation story, but it needs to be realistic.

Is paying for it stressing me out? ❌

A program should never cause financial stress.

Is it video-only content? No text, audio or workbooks. 🤔

I retain more information by reading, so I like to have more than just videos.

Is there a lot of in-depth content but no support?

When I’m learning new skills or processing lots of information, I need a support system.

I don’t need a green light on every single question but I challenge myself to ask,

  1. Do I already know this?
  2. Do I need to know this?

My goal isn’t to never say yes (as I said, I love learning!) but to stop FOMO from leading my decision-making. The point of learning is to move forward, which means shifting gears to implementation. 

It can be tricky though. 

What are your checks? I’d love to know.

How do you stop yourself from collecting all the courses?

And if you are a course collector, I’ll hear your confession in the comments.


P.S. Because I challenge myself on my investments, I make sure the programs I offer meet a strict criteria. 

✅ Many and detailed reviews of experiences

✅ Multimedia content

✅ Tonnes of support options

✅ Curriculum and call times shared before purchase

✅ Payment plan options (without extra fees)

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