Unplanned orthodontic adventures with unexpected marketing lessons

Unplanned orthodontic adventures with unexpected marketing lessons.

I’m writing this from my holiday, which, in an unexpected plot twist, has morphed into a frantic search for an orthodontist. Yep! Bear with me, this odyssey has a valuable marketing lesson tucked into its folds.

It all started when my 9-year-old’s brace wire decided to break free from its metallic confines, turning her into a puddle of misery. Holiday bliss? Not exactly.

Like any mum armed with an arsenal of improvisation skills, I tried to fix it. I failed at repositioning the wire, and my wire-cutting endeavour was equally unproductive (which will likely earn a line in my daughter’s future therapy journal).

Realising this was a job for a professional, I started my search. And wouldn’t you know it, one orthodontist won’t touch another orthodontist’s handiwork. Who knew ortho loyalty was a thing?

Now, you might be wondering, what’s the connection to marketing here, %FIRSTNAME%?

It’s this: While on the hunt for an orthodontist, i.e. a skilled professional, I wasn’t chasing the ”best” or someone uniquely qualified.

These are often touted as vital aspects of successful marketing, but they aren’t necessarily what most buyers care about.

Case in point. I was looking for someone who:

  • Was nearby enough to drive to.
  • Offered the right kind of help (aka wire-wrangling services).
  • Had a decent number of positive reviews (I didn’t need a dental demigod, just someone competent).
  • Would be covered by my insurance (without demanding an arm and a leg in co-pay).
  • And, the real clincher, was available – within 24 hours.

So, when you’re marketing your business, don’t get bogged down on superiority or uniqueness. Chances are, you aren’t “the best” (who decides this anyway?) or entirely different from everyone else. Not many of us are!

And that’s okay.

In most cases, the top two areas your marketing needs to showcase are that you:

🔥 Understand your client’s problem and can offer solutions.

🔥 Have solved those problems for others and can offer proof.

From there, your customers will decide based on a variety of factors such as price, value alignment and availability.

Being there when your customer needs you could be the most persuasive message you can send.

Wishing you simple solutions and timely availability,


P.S. In case you’re wondering, I ended up going full MacGuyver and pulling the wire out so relieve her discomfort and we’re booked into our orthodontist as soon as we’re home again. 

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