Hot Copy #54: [FLASHBACK] New copywriters’ guide to blogging

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This week we’re taking you back to episode 28, when Kate and I talked about blogging. Why did we talk about blogging? Because it makes a lot of new copywriters quite anxious. Do they have to blog? What do they say? Why would anyone read their blog when there are so many blogs out there? All good questions.

So we decided to break down the walls of blogging, sharing our thoughts on the importance of blogging and how to get your blog working hard for your business..

Tune in to learn:

  • If you actually need to blog
  • How to write with authority
  • Why Kate says vagina so much
  • If copywriting is all you can and should write about
  • How often you should blog
  • How long your blogs need to be
  • Tips on writing about well covered topics
  • Where to get blog ideas
  • Guest posting, on your blog and others
  • How to get your blogs noticed

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And remember…

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Happy listening!

Belinda and Kate (your Hot Copy hosts)


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