Hot Copy #55: 10 elements every copywriting website must have

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Launching a new website can be daunting. It’s time-consuming. It’s overwhelming. And if you’re a copywriter, it’s your online portfolio.

In this Hot Copy episode, Kate and I go through 1o must haves to ensure your website drives potential customers wild with desire (whether you’re a copywriter or not).

It’s a checklist you cannot miss checking!

Tune in to learn:

  • What you should think about before you set up your site
  • How and where to use testimonials
  • The importance of a USP
  • What key pages every copywriter website needs
  • Belinda and Kate’s personal tips on website greatness

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And thanks to Kurt Bouma for a fantastic review of the show.

We told you, now you tell us

In this episode, we talked about whether we were a square or a rebel at school. Can guess which we were? Let us know yours on Twitter (@hotcopypodcast) or our Facebook page.

Happy listening!

Belinda and Kate (your Hot Copy hosts)


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