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Copywriting through the keyhole

And here you are. Of all the copywriter’s offices to walk into, you walk into mine; looking for the copywriting jackpot. That’s why you’re here isn’t it?

You’re looking for the perfect combination of words that will get your customers moving. You want more emails, calls and sales than you can handle and you think that I’m the copywriter that can help.

Well … you’re right.

What the heck do I know, you ask? Well I’ve had years in marketing, dollface. Years of analysing what makes customers tick and more importantly for you, what makes them get out their credit card and buy.

From big business to a one-man show, the same copywriting rules apply. You gotta connect with people, y’see? You gotta get them excited. So excited they wondered how they ever lived without whatever it is you’re selling.

Copywriting, SEO, marketing, social media, good business practise; it’s all going to be here. Every week a new mystery uncovered. If you write copy or create marketing for your own business, or for other people’s (and you love a new approach to an idea) tune in.

But it’s a two-way street, dollface. I gotta know what you need so I can help. Talk to me. Leave some comments. And come back and see me some time.

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3 Responses

  1. Oh, how exciting! I can’t wait =)

    My trouble when writing copy is finding an opening line / paragraph that grabs peoples attention. I’ve taken your previous advice (of deleting the first thing written, as it’s usually superfluous) but I struggle getting the wow effect.

    – Jake

    1. The wow effect is the grail we’re all after Jake!

      When I am writing copy I start by writing down everything that comes to mind (about the product/service/market). Sometimes it’s the most innocuous of observations in this early stage that can seed ideas that are different and interesting … and hopefully grow into a wow.

  2. But it’s a two-way street, dollface. See here, I gotta know what you need so I can help, see. Talk to me. Leave comments. And come back (up)  and see me some time. (And now I’m mixing actors) [blows cigarette smoke, holder perched between fingers and thumb, head slightly back,   sequins glittering]

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