The hidden power buried in unscalable conversations

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I love Bonjoro

It’s a video app that lets you send personalised videos, and you set it up so it’s triggered by certain events. I send videos when people buy a workshop or join a program, but I also send videos when someone gets their result from my Copy Biz Shortcut quiz.

You might be wondering how much time it takes to send a video to everyone who joins my copywriting program. Or how much time it takes to send a video about the quiz results. The answer is… not much. A minute for each video, and I do them in batches.

But the impact of that video is worth every second of my time.

Here are just a few (of the many) replies I’ve received.

In our modern world of streamlining, outsourcing and automation, taking the time to have an unscalable conversation like a personal message, a handwritten note or a detailed response in a DM creates a meaningful moment.

A moment that many business owners think they’re too busy to create (or they simply can’t be bothered).

The power of moments, big and small, is an idea I learned about from Chip and Dan Heath.

“…for an individual human being, moments are the thing. Moments are what we remember and what we cherish. Certainly we might celebrate achieving a goal, such as completing a marathon or landing a significant client—but the achievement is embedded in a moment.

Every culture has its prescribed set of big moments: birthdays and weddings and graduations, of course, but also holiday celebrations and funeral rites and political traditions. They seem “natural” to us. But notice that every last one of them was invented, dreamed up by anonymous authors who wanted to give shape to time.

This is what we mean by “thinking in moments”: to recognize where the prose of life needs punctuation.”

― Chip Heath and Dan Heath, The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact

Service experiences are mostly forgettable and occasionally remarkable, and Chip and Dan Heath press us to be intentional about those remarkable moments, to craft them and to also be generous with them.

Pat Flynn has a similar theme in his book Superfans.

“Instead of spending money on ads, spend more time on people. Instead of worrying about the latest growth hacks and strategies, worry about identifying and addressing the biggest pains and problems in your target audience. Instead of figuring out how to optimize your conversion rates, figure out the rate at which you’re able to connect authentically with your audience and make them feel special.

― Pat Flynn, Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business

The beginning and end of projects are obviously moments to celebrate, but how can you elevate the middle moments? Adding peaks to your service delivery will keep your clients engaged and delighted with the work you’re doing, before they’ve even seen it.

You could time a client gift to arrive mid-project to keep the good vibes flowing. If you don’t send gifts you could dial up your excitement handing over the first draft or simply be intentional about keeping your clients informed about the project flow (we’re over halfway done and nearly there!).

You can use this idea to stand out in your lead generation.

A copywriter sent me a project pitch, and rather than simply sharing some high-level ideas in an email, she recorded a Loom video talking me through her suggestions. I got to see and hear her, and the sensory experience meant I paid more attention to her ideas than if I’d been quickly reading an email. I said yes and we’ve worked together on a few projects.

Some tools I like to use to elevate my moments are:

Creating a moment doesn’t need to be expensive. Just thoughtful and intentional. Something that has the receiver thinking, oh she didn’t need to do that but I’m so glad she did!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this, Do you do this already?

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