Website copywriting tips: What to say on your homepage

Quick tip on writing your homepage the hardest working website pages.

First impressions count.

Unless a business has advertising/marketing that points to other pages, most people will be “dropped off” at your website homepage.

It’s a really important page.

A website homepage should service visitors much like an excellent concierge. It’s there to let people know they’re at the right place, set the tone and guide people to where they want to go.

Your homepage should also be your elevator pitch.

Homepage content checklist

As it’s usually the first page people visit, you haven’t got long to make an impression. Your design and your copy need to work hand in hand and they are both working against the cursor, drifting ever closer to the X (close) button.

Your homepage copywriting needs to:

  • Succinctly communicate what your business does 
  • Clearly, communicate the key benefit you offer (how will customers’ lives improve)
  • Set the tone for the personality of the business
  • Help visitors navigate to other pages

It’s also usually one of the shortest pages thanks to lovely homepage theme designs.

It has to do a lot!

A homepage often has these basic elements:

  • A hero statement or unique selling proposition that taps into the challenge the reader has and the big promise you’re making. This is key to your reader identifying as being someone you can help.
  • A summary of the services you offer or product categories to help them click on and explore your awesomeness.
  • A short bio or about us section. Not too long but with some credibility markers to make sure your reader knows you aren’t going to scam them.
  • Logos of clients you’ve worked with, brands who trust you or great media or PR you’ve had.
  • Some content links, like your most recent blogs posts.

Take a moment now and review your website homepage copywriting.

Ask yourself this: If the homepage were the only page on my website, does my visitor know how I can help them?


If you’re looking for a great resource, this post by Danny Iny is packed to the hilt.

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  1. It is true – in part. A very small part. Simply following lots of people and having lots of followers won’t get you very far because the crucial element is engagement.

    In fact, I’d go as far as saying without engagement the numbers can count against you (which is why buying followers is a crap idea).

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