When is a blog not a blog? When it’s Christmas!

A set of hipster christmas icons on a white background.

Hipster Christmas YEAH!

This is a short post. A short post to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays if you prefer) and to thank you for reading this year.

Whether you’ve read every post or just one, I thank you for being interested in my words. I hope they have helped you become more successful at whatever you do.

While I have you..

I’m taking a bloggy break

This is a brilliant time to take a break from work as that’s just what everyone else is doing too!

I’m going to be offline from this week (that’s right, I’m technically not working right now) through until mid-January 2017.

Even though I’ll technically be offline, I’ll be posting a new blog in the first week in January 2017 then it’s bloggy business as usual! Hurrah!

But there’s more

A new year often brings change and new opportunities and that’s definitely the case for me. Because I’m growing a new human right now and she’s due early January 2017. So once we survive Christmas, I’m starting maternity leave.

I will be publishing blogs here and new episodes of my Hot Copy podcast. I’ll also be mooching around on social media. So I’m not far away but my response times will be longer so if you reach out to me, I ask for your patience.

What else…

Want to become a copywriter?

If you’re a beginner or aspiring copywriter and you’ve been thinking about upping your writing game, my Copywriting Master Class will be open again in March 2017!

Download the course outline to whet your appetite and subscribe to get the latest news (including costs and first dibs on the VIP launch price).

That’s all from me… take care and be happy

And thank you again.

The Copy Detective

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