When spiralling is actually the perfect action

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Last week I bid farewell to the first group of legends in my CEO Catalyst mastermind. Together, we had six months of exploration, growth and legit transformation, but this is not the end for some. As we closed our notebooks on the final session, two of the CEOs signed on for the next mastermind cohort and another whirl on the entrepreneurial merry-go-round.

You might be thinking, “Why would they do that? They’ve already been there, done that, got the T-shirt.” 

It turns out that entrepreneurship isn’t a one-way street. Nor is it linear.

The whole thing is more like a corkscrew – twisty, turny, and you’re always circling back to revisit where you’ve been before, but from a higher perspective. 

It’s called the ”Spiral of Learning”.

I didn’t come up with that. It was coined by Jerome Bruner, a renowned American psychologist, and it’s the perfect name. 

Learning isn’t just gobbling up as much new information as possible. Often, it’s about going deeper, not wider. We circle back to the same themes, again and again, seeing them from different angles, understanding them on new levels, and applying them in unique ways. 

Every cycle up that spiral makes us more skilled, more nuanced and more effective.

The first round is about understanding the broad strokes. Then, we come back to add depth and detail to that big picture. We enhance our techniques, sharpen our instincts, and get better at playing the long game. 

The CEO Catalyst masterminders aren’t alone in their quest for continuous improvement. Every successful entrepreneur, from Steve Jobs to Oprah Winfrey, has spent their career moving up their own spiral of learning. They’re not seeking a new landscape; they’re seeing it from a new perspective.

So, any time you find yourself saying HELLO to a Shiny Object, a new tactic, a new strategy or an entirely new direction, consider whether it would be better to loop back to your foundation and add depth and layers to what you’re already doing.

Let’s apply this to your business

The path to mastery isn’t a straight line – it’s a spiral. You’re not repeating the same steps every time you circle back. You’re no longer the same person. You’re bringing a whole new level of understanding, experience and skills to your journey, and each cycle brings you closer to the copywriter you aspire to be.

When was the last time you took a deep dive into your understanding of your ideal client? 

Or the last time you thoroughly reviewed your offers, services and pricing? 

How are you ensuring you’re seen and heard in the right places? 

Are your messages landing as intended, or are they getting lost in the noise?

These aren’t just one-time checks but continual touchpoints in your ever-upward spiral.

The spiral is waiting for you, and it’s time to step on.

I’ll see you at the top.

Your ever-ascending guide,


P.S. This isn’t a journey you have to take alone. Just as our returning mastermind copywriters realised, the power of a group can be the propeller that supercharges your upward spiral. 

My coaching group, Confident Copywriting, is another space to learn new skills, deepen your understanding, and supercharge your journey up that spiral.

Find out more here.

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