Hello, 2021.

White house has a red door with "Hello There" in cursive paint.

Well, here we are. The last day of 2020. Tonight highlights the expectations of New Year’s Eve more than any other year.

There’s so much hype and build up around New Year’s Eve and in reality, tomorrow’s going to be just the same as today.

In fact, a big chunk of 2021 is going to be exactly the same as in 2020. School is going to stay online for a long while yet, the dangers of COVID will be present for a long while yet. We’ll all be at home, juggling life without day trips, play dates and parties for a long while yet.

Gee, who invited Debbie-Downer?

Sure, 2020 has been challenging #understatementoftheyear but we can’t put life on hold forever. We can’t stay in a holding pattern, waiting for the world to reach some new stage of normalness.

So, keep going. Adapt, grow, and move forward.

I’m not suggesting that your life needs to be a hive of activity and productivity. In fact, 2020 was a year during which I established some much healthier boundaries between work and life… I’m definitely keeping those in 2021.

I’m just saying that life goes on and you can keep being awesome.

A new year is here and it gives you the same chances as each new day.

NYE for me will be spent reading, hopefully finishing a big puzzle and catching up with my brother in Aus. I’ll open the champagne way too early and probably hit the sack early too. And I’m 100% okay with that #Ilovemybed

Whatever you’re doing… have a laugh. It’s good to end on a giggle.


P.S. Aside from stronger boundaries between work and life in 2021, I’m also rebooting my blog writing so keep checking back — or you can get in on my weekly round-up email.

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