How your writing perfectionism is costing you (big time)

There is a hand with some cash on fire and the words, How your writing perfectionism is costing your and how to get out of editing purgatory.

Have you ever read your copy so many times that you no longer take in the words? 

That’s the purgatory copywriters often get trapped in, and it costs them, big time.

We want to hand the copy over.

We need to hand the copy over.

But instead, we let perfectionism burn our profitability to the ground. 

We (like to) think we’re making the copy better with the 3765th read-through, but in truth, we’re just afraid to hand the first version over.

Yep. I said that.

Handing it over means feedback, and that feedback might not be the parade our ego craves every time we put coherent words on paper and release them into the world.

“But the first version has to be perfect!” we cry. 

No, it doesn’t.

The first version is not the final version, and you should prep the client accordingly so they know what to expect. 

In my copy deck, I explain what each version focuses on. The first version lets you (as the copywriter) know if you’re on the right track. It’s for checking the accuracy of the pain points, information and tone of voice. It’s not for making specific word choices and definitely not about whether it should be a colon or a semi-colon. 

And while you might love the process of finding precisely the right word, you must learn to recognise when you’re no longer adding value as a copywriter… before you tank your hourly rate so low you may as well stack supermarket shelves.

It’s time to let the copy go when you’re

  • Simply changing a word here and there
  • Changing copy then changing it back
  • Reading without applying critical thinking 

By the time you get feedback from your client, you’ll also have the fresh eyes you need to smash the next version.

The reality is…

There will always be aspects of your copy you can improve. Right now, your job is to write the best copy you can with the knowledge you have.

Setting the right expectations with your clients and recognising when you’re burning time will help you stop perfectionism slowing you (and your business) down.


P.S. I mentioned my copy deck. It also includes some tips on how to give useful feedback. You can grab the entire template here if you need to level up how to present your copy.

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