Lessons of inspiration and ice-cream (and why the right community will help you along)

Image of a dripping ice cream with the words "learning is hard but the right community helps"

I took my kids ice skating this week.

Not because they have secret dreams of being Jayne Torvill (yep, that’s the first ice skating reference I thought of).

No. We went ice skating because it was a proper scorcher in California (39C/102F in the shade).

Now, ice skating isn’t something we do very often.

I’m talking maybe twice a year.

And each time my kids go through the same journey.

I can’t do it. I hate this!

Look mum, I’m standing up!

Look mum, I’m not holding on!

Look mum, I didn’t fall over!


They shift from wanting to go home to crying when we leave.

It’s exactly like learning a new skill.

You learn it and it’s difficult. You question your ability to do anything and think about tapping out. You practise a little and it gets easier. You feel motivated and even excited. As you get more experience, it becomes easier, and you start having fun. You then challenge yourself with the next level.

But those early stages are precarious.

Without my gentle and nurturing encouragement (Just go slow… Hold my hand and we’ll do it together… This wasn’t cheap and we’re not going home so just keep skating, kiddo) my kids would have given up.

They’re grasping the railing for dear life while a kid their age spins around with one leg up near their ear.

Why bother trying? Why bother failing? Why bother looking like an idiot next to these pint-sized legends? Can’t we just get ice-cream?

Giving up can feel like a much easier choice, in the moment.

I’ve been in my own learning zone this week.

A three-day mastermind that Zoomed me out and zombied my brain. I got some big sweeping strategies and ideas for small ninja-tweaks. I listened to business owners sharing tips from their last big launch and business owners busting through 7 figures.

When you’re surrounded by amazing (successful) people it’s easy to feel like an imposter.

Why isn’t it happening for me? Maybe I haven’t got what it takes. Pass me the mint choc-chip.

But I know that being in a community of people who are killing it is how I keep making progress. The right group encourages and inspires me. And while I’m learning new skills and trying out new strategies, I have cheerleaders to help me through the “this-won’t-work-for-me”s and proof of it working for others.

The urge to lurk, pull back and then quietly give up is really strong. After all, busting through my old benchmarks raises the bar and what then? Gasp. Higher expectations!

Can’t someone just gift me an English country mansion so I can wear swishy dresses and keep bees?



So, here I am. Pushing off from the railing and yelling, I GOT THIS MUM.

As you learn and grow, remember that your journey is your own and that you can push through the tricky first bits, with a little grit and perseverance.

If you’re looking for a community of copywriters to cheer you on and encourage you to give something a go, my Confident Copywriting group will open again in August. If you get onto the invite list, I’ll send you news so you’re ready to rock when the doors open.

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