5 no fail tricks to writing customer centric copy

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When you’re writing marketing collateral, from your website copy to your printed brochures, it’s pretty normal to start with what you know. And that’s you. But if you’re not careful, you’ll end up sounding like a diva at a dinner party.

It’s all me me me ….. Enough about me. What do you think about me. You know the type!

To really engage with your customers you need to make them part of the story. Here are 5 no fail ways you can transform your copywriting from a mega phone blast to your market to an intimate chat with your customers.

1. Walk a mile (or 2) in your customers’ shoes.

Be as literal as you need to be to face the same challenges and work out what it is your customers really care about. Don’t assume you know and just pad your copywriting out with buzzwords that sound good.

2. Talk about benefits not features.

You’ve probably heard this before but it can be harder than you think.  A little copywriting trick I use is to imagine a stony faced customer responding to my explanation with a “so what?” … again and again and again.

I say:  My copywriting has a very conversational tone to it
So what? Well that means that your marketing will feel more approachable
So what? Your target market will be more engaged with your key message
So what? More people will be persuaded to hand over their cash
So what? You sell more stuff and make more profit!
Ahhhhh … now you’re talking

That means that you don’t tell your customers about your widget, you talk about how your widget will make their life easier/happier/quicker/more comfortable/safer.

3. Make it personal.

Switching every “WE” for a “YOU” will immediately change the focus from your company to your customer.

So rather than “We provide at home consultations for your convenience.” you could say “To fit in with your busy schedule, you can meet a consultant in the comfort of your living room.”

4. Share stories and experiences from other customers.

Reading about someone else having the same challenges will instantly connect your customers with your solution. Make your case studies specific and give your solution the context of the challenge that was initially faced.

5. Use the same language as your customers.

Whether you’re getting down with the young folk or pitching to a blue chip corporate audience, you can build a connection and rapport but using the same language and tone as your customers.

What do you think? Do you have any other tips you use to connect with your customers and make it all about them?

Like a prison escapee, dig deep and think outside the square to connect with your reader.


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