Are you Schrodinger’s copywriter?

A copywriter with short red hair, wearing a cream blazer, holds a teacup and saucer, looking to the side against a light blue background with text about copywriting.

Ever feel like Schrodinger’s copywriter? In a quantum flux between ‘next big thing’ and ‘epic fail’, all because you haven’t opened the box of taking action. 

In that moment your dreams are safe and sound, cocooned in the comfort of inaction. 

No risk, no loss, right? 

But also, no gain.  

I’ve been in that stasis about my YouTube-channel-plan. I had a lot (and I mean a lot) of good intentions about creating new views and yet…  

I couldn’t hit record. Why? 

Because I was afraid I would suck. Not just a little but like, full cringe (as my kids say, often).

My ego kept me stuck. And it was all the more bemusing and confusing because I record video content all the time. 

Cue self-loathing.


I wonder what you’re avoiding right now?

  • Showing up to network (that might lead to a new client)?
  • Emailing a follow-up (that could lead to a new project)?
  • Publishing your first blog post (that sets your content marketing off)?
  • Sending the podcast pitch (that might boost your visability)?

At some point though, we need to decide to take action. 

We need to decide the result is worth the discomfort. And that we’ll live through the experience.

So, how do we move from inaction to action?

  • Set your intention: I am going to bloody to do this because I want [outcome].
  • Identify the first small step: I will just focus on this small step. 
  • Work through the discomfort: I will breathe and keep working until the time rings.

I chose a video topic. Then I scheduled some time to suck at it.

After four hours I had a two-minute video.

No one will see that video because it was awful BUT all the things I learned meant my second video was much better (and faster to make). Today I’m editing my third video. 

We can get stuck in the paralysis of potential for all kinds of reasons.

The moment of taking action is what separates you from the copywriters staying stuck in the paralysis of potential. 

So get cracking.

P.S. Yes, this was absolutely a pep-talk for myself.

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