Transform your copywriting from a marching band into a Cuban party on the page

If you’ve been a copywriter for a while, you may have received client feedback asking you to make the copywriting “punchier/snappier/more exciting”.

If you’ve ever heard this, smiled politely then wondered how the hell you were going to make that happen… well, this is the post for you!

And it really is quite simple. If you want your copywriting to feel more exciting, you have to create an exciting rhythm.

The sentences you write and the words you use will create a beat for your reader.

Start with the length of your sentences. If all your sentences are roughly the same length, you’ve created a regular beat that could keep time for a marching band. Your reader begins to expect the ebb and flow of your words as they read and it can lull them into boredom.

To give add a spicy Cuban beat that puts a party on your page, write longer sentences mixed with really short ones.

Like this.


One word sentences are a thing!

When you mix it up, you’re keeping your reader on their toes. And the stop and start? Well, it’s just more interesting to read.

And now it’s over to you…. Have you ever had this client request? How did you approach your copywriting in response? Or maybe you just do this as a matter of course. Do tell.



2 Responses

  1. But surely the key to exciting copy is using exclamation marks!!??
    And if that doesn’t work I find that saying IMPORTANT THINGS in capitals is good, or using BOLD or italics until your readers eyes start to bleed.

    Works for me!! THANKS FOR A GREAT POST!!

    1. Haha.. thanks Kate!!! Although I laughed at your comment I am addicted to punctuation. There. I’ve said it! One of my self-editing rounds is always the removal of unnecessary marks but I always mourn their loss 😉 So… I write shorter sentences instead (enter the Cuban party).

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