Why learning the technical craft of copywriting is the springboard to greater success

A kid stands on a diving springboard.

I used to think that to be a Writer you needed to have obvious talent.

A talent that was part of your genetics, built-in from birth. That explains why some people simply have a knack for things. Like being musical (not me). Or sporty (not me). Or people who have a way with words, destined to be writers.

When I found out copywriting was a viable career choice, I almost didn’t pursue it as I didn’t think I had a talent for writing. I didn’t pen poetry in preschool, create my own little books after a big day in 4th grade or write for the school newspaper in high school.

But as I researched copywriting I found blogs, videos and courses. Not many but they existed!

I was incredibly relieved because that meant writing copy isn’t something people just know how to do. Oh no. Writing copy is a skill. Which meant I could learn it.

Learn it and get better.

In her book Grit, Angela Duckworth said that talent is undoubtedly important. But research actually suggests that people with less talent can outperform those with more – but only if those less talented people show a hell of a lot more grit.

Consistent effort and a willingness to keep trying will outweigh any kind of “natural talent”.

Isn’t that great?! Ten years on, I’m still writing. Still learning. Still getting better.

Guess what? Anyone can write.

You don’t need a course, certificate or a degree to be a copywriter. I know many people “fall” into copywriting and make a decent living without understanding their AIDA from their PAS. Or their open loops from their closed loops.

But here’s the thing.

There’s a limit to the kind of projects you can say yes to when you write on instinct. You can’t (confidently) take on more complicated projects like email sequences, strategy work, sales pages and launch copy. They’re the projects you can really charge big bucks for because they require skills.

Copy that makes money doesn’t just sound nice. It’s crafted for conversion.

Pulling that off when you’re writing on instinct is damned near impossible. And exhausting.

Wondering where to start and if you’re doing it right. Fretting over each version you send. Spending hours on quotes because you just don’t know if you’re worth all that money. Sure, you get good client reviews, but one read of a blog post about conversion tactics and you’re second guessing yourself.

You’re not alone.

 I Googled the hell out of copywriting in my first year (cough) first few years.

But all that information available can quickly become overwhelming. Constantly reading blogs, watching IGTV and attending free webinars to glean some nuggets you can apply in your writing.

It’s not impossible to become a better copywriter doing that. Just… harder. And if you’re spending 5 hours learning for every 2 hours of paid work, well, that’s not how your bills get paid.

That’s where copy courses and programs come in.

They take the helter-skelter and overwhelm of all the information and structure it into a roadmap for you. The good ones couple it with coaching and feedback because that’s how a roadmap and information turn into a skill you’re confident in.

I’ve been offering my Copywriting Master Class since 2014. Before “Masterclass” became the word everyone used for a free webinar run before a launch pitch. I poured so much of what I knew into that course. While students still rave about it … in recent years, I’ve felt that it could be better.

So I pulled it apart and am rebuilding it as The Copywriting Inkubator.

The same breadth of foundational content but with new examples and additions. I’m also creating new (and genuine) masterclasses that go deep into

  • website copywriting
  • selling in print with brochures, ads and flyers
  • standing out in crowded markets
  • email marketing and
  • sales pages.

But the cornerstone element will be the coaching.

A course often gives you a regular Q&A session that you can passively consume. This program is all about learning, then doing and, most importantly, getting feedback. It’s 12 weeks of commitment and effort but the result is more confident copywriting.

A love of learning will bounce you forward.

When you invest in learning your craft, when you’re intentional about getting better, and you enjoy that process, your success – whether that’s earning more, enjoying the process of writing, reaching your full potential as a writer – will come faster.

We’re three months into 2022.

How are actively working to achieve your goals for this year?

What will it take to bounce you forward to achieve your 2022 vision?

Have a think and let me know.


If you’re an aspiring copywriter who wants to have the best start possible to your new career, or you’re a working copywriter who’s been writing on instinct, get on the invite list for The Copywriting Inkubator. It opens in May 2022.

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